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Gold Glove Camp: (April: dates TBA)

$75.00 per player


Objective: This camp focuses on defense. Each player will learn the finer points from their primary position. The proper techniques from the double play flip, to the slow roller, to drop step in the outfield, to blocking the ball behind the plate will be covered to develop each player.


High School Prospect Camp: ( June dates TBA 3 Day Camp)

$150.00 per player


Objective: This camp is invite only. We will grade each player out not only on Division 1, but Professional standards so that each player can see where they are currently and where they need to be going forward.


All-Star Camp: ( June dates TBA 3 Day Camp )

$150.00 per player $75 each additional family member


Objective: To teach the proper foundation from all 4 phases of the game. Our goal is to teach the proper techniques necessary so that each player is confident in their ability.


Fall Development Program: Every Sunday in September following Labor Day

$150.00 per player


Objective: To instill the proper fundamentals moving into the off-season so that each player knows exactly what to work on moving into next season.


Father/Son Clinic: Saturday/Sunday after Thanksgiving

$70.00 per family (2)


Objective: To "teach" the dads how to work with their son, the proper things to look for and what to say.


College/Pro Day: December 27th-28th

$70.00 per player ($40.00 each additional family member)


Objective: To get our younger players a chance to hit with my current college and pro players. Lunch will be provided on the final day along with a "Q & A" segment so that the young players can gain an understanding of what it takes to get to those levels.

Elite Hitting Program: 2 Sessions: Feb and March

$200.00 per player

Session 1 Every Saturday in January

Session 2 Every Saturday in February

12pm-1pm (Limited to 6 players)

Objective: To teach the more advanced parts of hitting, including trouble shooting drills as well as the mental side.


V.I.P: (Velocity Improvement Program) 2 sessions

$200.00 per player

Session1 Every Sunday in February (12-1pm)

Session 2 Every Sunday in March (12-1)

Objective: To build up velocity through arm strength, proper mechanics, conditioning, drills and proper exercises for in season/off season.